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PSTconverter converts Microsoft Outlook and Exchange email archives to a standard format, making them compatible with all email softwares (Gmail, Apple Mail, Thunderbird…)

Free my emails!

The problem explained

Microsoft Outlook and Exchange products can export an archive of all data they contain (emails, contacts, calendars…). This archive is in a .pst format that other software don't understand and can't import. This makes it impossile for you to get this backup and transfer all your data into another software or service.

Easy as abc

  1. You load your .pst on PSTconverter,
  2. .pst archive is converted into .mbox format,
  3. We send you an email with a link to your data ready to be imported.
Free my emails!

What our users say

Martin G. ~ Architect

When i migrated to Mac, I couldn't import my emails in the MacOS Mail app. All my ongoing works, my customers and partners were in this archive! Hopefully, once converted, everything worked like magic.

Dana N. ~ Marketing consultant

My emails are super important as they contain all the exchanges with my customers and creative team. It was impossible to import thel on my new email account, the format wasn't recognized. With PSTconverter, in just a few clicks everything was converted to a compatible format, effortlessly.

Guillaume R. ~ Photographer

All the tools available to convert PST are windows only and are very costly. With PSTconverter, there is no requirement apart from a browser, nothing to install, no surprise. I uploaded a 50GB archive, it just worked!

Free my emails!

Why PSTconverter?

When my mum left her job back in 2017, she found herself in the need of importing years of emails from an PST archive. That was the only format she could get all of her emails into.

It was just impossible to import this on her iPhone or computer. I start researching on the web, but apart from a bunch of pricy and shady Windows only software, the onyl valuable thing I found was a command line interface (CLI) tool.

The CLI tool was perfectly functional, working just as expected. But still, CLI isn't what I'd call user friendly and my mum would never be able to use that. That's why I decided to build this website: a simple tool that allows anyone facing the same need, to get their archive back. Without any requirement apart from a browser, it works on all systems (MacOS, Windows, Linux) without installing anything.


I created this tool to help people get their emails back and I want it to be available at no cost for as many people as possible. Neverthless, maintining the service isn't free (servers, emailing…). That's why I fixed a very simple pricing:

  • • 100% free up to a 100MB archive,
  • • 4,99€ for archive over 100MB.


Your emails aren't anyone else's business! All your data are erased 10 days after you loaded them on our website (you have just enough time to download your archive without stress). The email address you provide us with is erased after 10 days as well.

Hosting and data location

All our servers are located in France and are subject to french law.
Therefore, all data are protected by European laws and are in no case transferred to third parties or to other geographic regions.

Browsing statistics

For statistical purpose, we collect data on users browsing this website (geographic area, device used, pages seen…). These data are anonymised and by no means could be used to identify you.


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